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Josh Zimmerman


I was told by a few people who all seem to know what they’re talking about, that once you’ve hammered in your first couple programming languages, the rest just “come naturally”. Well, the only things that have ever occurred naturally to me are disasters and my unlucky proximity to them. The amount of times I’ve narrowly avoided literal lightning strikes is kind of absurd. Nevertheless, I’m putting myself through the ultimate test of the “naturalizing” theory. Who doesn’t need a little self-sabotage every now and then? You see, as a spastic learner, my attention tends to wane in differing…

Extensions, libraries, dictionaries, modules… The old ways of defining add-ons be damned. None sound more enticing, by nature, to dive head first into than a vast ocean of…Gems! In this (planned) series, I’d like to begin going over and spotlighting several feature-rich Gems in order to expand on the finer points of the Ruby language. To come this far, still by no means fluent, has been a journey to say the least. Not gonna lie, it’s been a fairly rough transition from the more syntactically demanding JavaScript to the “developer-friendly” , liberty-taking powerhouse that is Ruby. A hope in pursuing…

As of April 2021 JavaScript will be 26 years old. As a language originally meant for little else besides making your Netscape Navigator web apps more responsive, it’s safe to say JS has had a very impressive boon in popularity over the last several years.

I could spout off an opinionated rant, brainstorming why JS was the language web and software developers championed here as opposed to say, C# or Java, but they would all fall short of being in as good of a position as JS was (and still is) in the mid 2010’s and beyond. …

Josh Zimmerman

A Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School

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