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Josh Zimmerman

Extensions, libraries, dictionaries, modules… The old ways of defining add-ons be damned. None sound more enticing, by nature, to dive head first into than a vast ocean of…Gems! In this (planned) series, I’d like to begin going over and spotlighting several feature-rich Gems in order to expand on the finer points of the Ruby language. To come this far, still by no means fluent, has been a journey to say the least. Not gonna lie, it’s been a fairly rough transition from the more syntactically demanding JavaScript to the “developer-friendly” , liberty-taking powerhouse that is Ruby. A hope in pursuing…

As of April 2021 JavaScript will be 26 years old. As a language originally meant for little else besides making your Netscape Navigator web apps more responsive, it’s safe to say JS has had a very impressive boon in popularity over the last several years.

I could spout off an opinionated rant, brainstorming why JS was the language web and software developers championed here as opposed to say, C# or Java, but they would all fall short of being in as good of a position as JS was (and still is) in the mid 2010’s and beyond. …

Josh Zimmerman

A Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School

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